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Photos from my point of view. Perspectives of the world and my creative interpretations through the lens of my various digital cameras and cellphone cameras over the years. I have always enjoyed photography and I try to interpret and frame the subject that I am taking a picture of, making it even more enjoyable for me. A subject can be interpreted by the photographer and photographed in many different ways in order to portray what one is seeing in front of you with a certain point of view as well as what you want to say through the photo. Depending on angles and lighting, interesting photos will result. As we all know "A picture is always worth a thousand words..." along with many interpretations depending on how one views the photo and in what frame of mind.

I have tried to take photos of various different subjects at a moment in time from people to places and events, nature, landscapes and objects. I have also included videos along with the photos, where relevant.

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