Red-Tailed Hawk Perched On My Fence

When wildlife and nature can co-exist with people... Perfect balance and harmony with nature!

I saw this hawk on my fence so I ran upstairs, got my Canon DSLR camera with zoom lens, I ran back downstairs, hoping the bird was still there, and it was. Ajusted my zoom lens and managed to get a photo through my screen door window. Suprisingly, even through a a slightly dirty screen window, it came out fine. A lot clearer and better than I expected. I knew I had to hurry. Hawks tend to fly away quickly if any people approach, just the way they are. I only got one photo during all this time beause it soon flew away, but the one was worth it and I made it count.

A few other photos of a hawk perched on a branch in a locust tree and on a fence.

Hawk perched on a tree branch of a locust tree

Hawk perched on a fence

Hawk perched on a fence

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