Sarah Silverman Close Up at TIFF Video

I filmed this red carpet event video of Sarah Silverman at the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival. I was using my very inexpensive point and click Olympus HD camera to film this footage. I wasn’t able to bring my HD Sony Handycam with me, but this little camera did a very good job filming considering it was nighttime and I was constantly being bumped into. I didn’t expect the filming to turn out this good.

I had a really good spot where I was standing, mind you, I had to wait a little while to have this spot - two rows in from the fence and in the center of the red carpet event. So I was able to get some amazing extreme close-up film footage of Sarah Silverman and some amazing audio of what people in the crowd were saying. Plus I also had the advantage of the lighting that was there.

Sarah was really friendly and cool. She signed autographs for a long time and even hugged a fan for a photo. You really get to hear her talk in this video. Unfortunately, she didn’t tell a joke. I had a really good time filming this video!

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